Frequently Asked Questions


  • Should I download the .zip archives?
    • The entire-year and entire-month .zip files are large and may take a long time to download depending on your connection speed and the traffic on this site. Entire-month .zip files are typically 150 MB, and entire-year .zip files can range from 500 MB to 2 GB. Out of courtesy to others, please only download one or two of these files simultaneously. If your operating system doesnʼt have an archive manager installed by default to unzip the .zip archives, you can get 7-zip or PeaZip from
  • What do “med-fi” “low-fi” “NR”, “oly”, & “sony” mean in some talk titles?
    • Please note that mp3 files with an “NR” or “(oly)” notation indicate recordings of somewhat lower audio quality -- “NR” for applied “Noise-Reduction” and “(oly)” for “Olympus,” an inferior recording device at the Monastery. Any of these could also be labelled “low-fi.” “(Sony)” is similar to “(oly),” but the audio quality is more acceptable. More recently the Sony device has been labelled “med-fi.”
  • What happened to the .oggs?
    • The .ogg download page has been removed and is no longer accessible. The website analytics show the ogg downloads are at best 2 percent of the mp3 download statistics, and in many cases much, much smaller. While we strongly support the principles of generosity and the free sharing of skills in the free software community, the overriding goal of this site is to make the Dhamma available to all in the most straightforward, least confusing way.